Julieta Blue

Although a traveler by nature, Julieta Blue (aka Julieta Azul Bertolini) has been based in London for the last fifteen years. From her vibrant home in Brixton, a multi-cultural South London Mecca of international music, food and loud people, she has been exploring, experimenting and mixing music with all sorts of influences, from rock to techno, to house and minimal, to the Latin rhythms of her native Argentina.

Having dj’ed at loads of parties in different venues and after working with many promoters in London and abroad, she eventually started her own event. Naked was born in October 2007 and has gained a reputation in the club scene as London’s sexiest night. Naked: the damn sexy party, puts together an exclusive collective of djs, live arts, performers, vjs, audiovisual artists, set designers and creative individuals to create a ground-breaking concept of clubbing, fun and sexiness.

With a huge database of fans, the Naked party and Julieta Blue’s music and concept has been gaining followers and keeps expanding, to the point of covering music festivals in the UK,  reaching the coasts of Ibiza, Europe and South America.
Her set is a sexy music journey of discovery and fun.

Now spending her time between London, Ibiza and Nicaragua, Julieta's activities are not only organising events and Djing, but also she is a Yoga Teacher and a Designer Maker of accessories, fashion and art.

Her life is a form of her art in itself. Experimenting, Learning, Achieving and Growing with every step and every change to fulfill this enormous desire to live life to the maximum, getting inspired and influenced along the way by amazing individuals that share their love and creativity.

Here she is, sharing her love and creativity with you.

WELCOME and enjoy!

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